5 yr old toast

Five years ago today my youngest son was born.  In the hospital, I was given the above pictured bread to eat.  Something about the presentation struck me as wholly unappetizing so I passed, but for some reason I brought it home with me.  I guess I  like to watch it age in comparison with my beautiful boy.  Happy birthday August!


my trip to chuck e. cheese

I recently went on my first adventure to Chuck E. Cheese's.  I had been able to avoid it for a long time, somehow always drawing the long straw, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected.  Most of the credit for my good time goes to this picture which I found stuffed behind the photo booth there. Given the lack of irony in this boy's eyes, I assume it was just bad timing that the camera caught him with his finger in his nose.  For me, it just humanized the whole place and I couldn't remember why I had resisted for so long.


sweater weather

Just handed this sweet little ditty off to my cousin who is expecting.  My sister-in-law had passed it on to me.  Perhaps it's too far beyond its prime but I wanted to see it worn one more time.