This year I had a lot of great opportunities to take pictures of kids.  I traveled to Florida, California, Pennsylvania and more, photographing children from 4 years up through college.  Here's some of the younger set.  More of the older guys later...


emily and michael

Below are some pictures from Emily Simoness and Michael Chernus's wedding.  I met these guys a couple of years ago when I photographed their very cool project at Ryder Farms in Brewster, NY for the Wall Street Journal.  Ryder Farm has been in Emily's family since 1795 and a few years ago Emily got involved and decided that she wanted to figure out a way to wind her background in acting and performance into the mission of the farm.  And so it went from being a CSA growing vegetables to one that also supports artists and writers through a residency program.

Their wedding was lovely.  It doesn't hurt to have an incredibly talented playwright (Max Posner) perform your ceremony.  I had never heard of Max before the wedding but I will watch out, with anticipation, for his work now.  It's not surprising that I hadn't heard of him as I live a little bit under a rock.  I am embarrassed to say that I didn't do any research about Michael before the wedding, though I knew he was an actor, and last week while flipping through the limited channels of airplane TV, I was thrilled to see that one of the Bourne movies was on. I really love those movies.  And there was Michael (and several other of the wedding guests that I had thought looked suspiciously familiar at the time.)  I guess it's good that I didn't know beforehand or I would have been nervous.  : )

Oh, and the dress!  I almost forgot to mention that the gorgeous dress was designed by http://www.danielvosovicny.com.