nfp fall 2015 shoot

Another great shoot with Gail Travis of NFP studio.We shot at my studio at Atlas Industries in Newburgh with hair by Carlos Jacome, make up by Jenny Atwood Smith and the hilarious and beautiful Kelsey Vogelzang.



what is wonder?

I am honored that Reader's Digest chose this photo of August to illustrate what wonder looks like.  Eight other photographers are featured as well, many of whom I have admired for years.

When one of the editors called me to ask me why this photo looked like wonder to me,   I stuttered out a few things and they made it make sense in print.  Looking at the photo again, I still don't think I can eloquently say why it says wonder to me.  It was just one of those hot summer days and the kids and I walked to the drugstore to kill some time.  August saw this totally crappy and mediocre bow and arrow set and begged and begged for  it.  I finally after he agreed to pay for half.  He skipped the entire way home and his unadulterated joy made me reach for the camera.  That he broke the thing after about 10 minutes did not lessen his enjoyment of it one bit.  I think I finally threw it out what was left of it this fall.

 I just looked up wonder and the definition is:  something strange and surprising.  If asked, that's not exactly what I would have said. To me, there is an element of delight in those odd and unexpected things.  I hope that's what is illustrated here.