day in pokip

I had a really fun day shooting for the New York Times in Poughkeepsie last weekend...

View from the Walkway over the Hudson

A mural off of Broadway

Craft beer served with easter inspired nails at Mill House Brewing Company

The crew at Belly's Carwash

Wreaths decorate a fence off Broadway

Guy I met while trying to locate the wreath artist

Kathy Dudley and her dog, Othello.

Anthony and Amanda share a kiss before fishing.

Sean Murphy tears it up at the skate park.

Justin, Donavyn and Christian take it easy under the Walkway.


color fields

Sharing this announcement for an upcoming show of my jello color field photos in NYC. 
These photographs start as sculptures that I make from gelatin and pigment and then photograph.  If you want know more about the process, here’s a 6 minute explanation

Hope to see you there!