emily and michael

Below are some pictures from Emily Simoness and Michael Chernus's wedding.  I met these guys a couple of years ago when I photographed their very cool project at Ryder Farms in Brewster, NY for the Wall Street Journal.  Ryder Farm has been in Emily's family since 1795 and a few years ago Emily got involved and decided that she wanted to figure out a way to wind her background in acting and performance into the mission of the farm.  And so it went from being a CSA growing vegetables to one that also supports artists and writers through a residency program.

Their wedding was lovely.  It doesn't hurt to have an incredibly talented playwright (Max Posner) perform your ceremony.  I had never heard of Max before the wedding but I will watch out, with anticipation, for his work now.  It's not surprising that I hadn't heard of him as I live a little bit under a rock.  I am embarrassed to say that I didn't do any research about Michael before the wedding, though I knew he was an actor, and last week while flipping through the limited channels of airplane TV, I was thrilled to see that one of the Bourne movies was on. I really love those movies.  And there was Michael (and several other of the wedding guests that I had thought looked suspiciously familiar at the time.)  I guess it's good that I didn't know beforehand or I would have been nervous.  : )

Oh, and the dress!  I almost forgot to mention that the gorgeous dress was designed by http://www.danielvosovicny.com.


the light at DIA:Beacon

For several years now, I've been shooting regularly for the DIA:Beacon museum.  The light there is always inspiring and the way that the light and artwork work together, whether it is Louise Bourgeois or student work from DIA's program with the Beacon public schools, always amazes me.

Students from the Beacon City School District recently performed in the Richard Serra torqued ellipses gallery.  Students composed and improvised their own music with instruments and voice while the community was invited to draw their responses to the music.

Then a few of the students 'read' drawings that community members made in response to artwork.

Louise Bourgeois
Fred Sandback

Dan Flavin

Student work from DIA's teaching artist program with Beacon Public School 2nd graders.

Robert Irwin