but can she bake?

A month or so ago I received this text from my cousin.  It totally cracked me up and I wanted to blog it immediately but it has taken me this long to get permission from him because he felt very embarrassed that he mistook Annie Leibowitz for someone else named Annie who apparently makes amazing cookies.  I told him that it must run in the family and recounted one of my first jobs for Fortune Magazine where I was sent with no information (and this was way far back in the days before google) to photograph John Bogle who, as I now know, is the founder of the Vanguard Group - an incredibly well-known investment management company.  When I arrived, one of the first questions I asked Mr. Bogle was if he had worked there long.  Oops.  He was very sweet about it and, I like to imagine, refreshed to spend the afternoon with someone who knew so little about the financial world. I haven't met too many celebs in my life but from the few that I have encountered, it seems like they put their pants on one leg at a time, just like us.  

Here's Mr. Bogle:



I was asked up to Vassar this week, to speak to budding photographers about my work and give them  a critique of  theirs.  It was great talking with students, trying to give them some sense of my process and seeing some of the really great work that they are producing.  Afterword, I wandered around the campus - here is a pic from the evening.


jello, installed

Recently, I visited some of my jello photos installed in a friend's super modern home.  The building is U-shaped and this is a picture of the hallway that connects the 2 sides.  It is full of muted tones but you catch glimpses of the hallway from almost every room in the house so color is always popping out at you (joyfully, I hope!).