12 months of emilia

Several years ago I started this thing called the Beacon Portrait Project.  My goal is to make a portrait of every resident of Beacon in their home.  I worked really hard at it, even getting a grant to turn it into a show, but at a certain point, I found myself feeling really burnt out. It was hard work on a lot of different levels. Often, just getting to the point that I was sitting across from my subject with the camera in between us took months of effort. And so I wanted to give myself a little break but to continue to shoot.  Enter Emilia.  I had just done her portrait for the project and I wondered what it would be like to shoot the same person over the period of a year - one portrait a month.  I am grateful to Emilia for her willingness to go here with me.  She's a beautiful person, inside and out.  Here are some of the fruits of our labors.