colorfields at matteawan gallery 2/10-3/4

It's been a fun month of showing my colorfield work (photos and watercolor paintings) at Matteawan Gallery in Beacon.  This work has been coming together for a long time and it was extremely gratifying to see it up on the walls of this really sweet space.  

I started thinking about making these pictures over a decade ago but working, moving and having babies kept everything but the essentials on the back burner. In a way, I am glad this is the course I was forced to follow.  I don't know if these pictures would have become what they are if I had been able rush to make them.  They were allowed to remain in my head with sporadic days in my studio here and there where I could try something, fail, and then let the idea retreat back into my head for more puzzling over.  The watercolors have come more naturally - maybe because I had already spent so much time thinking about color by the time I started making them but I think they fit really seamlessly into this body of work.

When asked why I make this work, I think people mostly mean 'why the hell are you working with jello?'  What I hope is not lost in the novelty of the material is the feeling you get when you spend some time with these pictures.  They are meant to be a balm, to create a space to go and feel a certain way.  I don't want to dictate the way a person feels when s/he looks at them, that's personal.  I just hope the viewer feels something and wants to linger there for awhile.

I'm not sure what's next - if this work will continue or if I am ready to move on.  Time will tell.  In the meantime, in this moment, I wanted to use this blog entry to collect some of the things written about this work and some of the pieces in the show so that when I am feeling down or lost or unproductive, at least I'll have this.   

A pecha kucha talk I did about the work:  http://www.pechakucha.org/users/meredith-heuer