jessica wickham

I have had a great time this year shooting the woodwork of Jessica Wickham.  This is an ongoing project to help Jessica tell her rather soup to nuts story of how she produces her carefully crafted furniture.  It's an emotional tale that begins with a tree falling. 


craft crasy

Every year I stress out about the favors for my kids' birthday parties.  In the past I have filled paper bags with plastic junk and then forgotten to pass it out at the end of the party.  Not this year! Thanks to my friend, Allyson, and this link, I found something much more complicated.  This craft project involves writing the alphabet hundreds of times, sawing, sanding and cursing.  If you are into that sort of thing, dig in.  One note:  you need to make room enough for 26 spaces, not 26 lines, or you will be forced, like me to spell crazy: crasy.