Daniel Handler is not Lemony Snicket is not Daniel Handler

15 years ago, Daniel Handler hired me to do his headshot for a book he had just finished.  The shoot was great.  We discovered many coincidences that ran between us and spent a good amount of the time giggling.  A few months later he approached me to make a bunch of pictures of him where his face was obscured for a children's book series written under the pen name Lemony Snicket.  I don't think he knew or could have even imagined what he was starting.  Over the years I have received many charming letters and emails from children trying to find out the identity of Lemony Snicket and it's been a lovely glimpse into the magnitude of what Daniel managed to create.  There are so many kids out there who credit their love of reading to A Series of Unfortunate Events.  

Over the years Daniel and I have gotten together to make more portraits and more Lemony Snicket photos.  Here's a sampling:


  1. These are classics! Love them...

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  3. As a long-time fan of Snicket/Handler these are amazing to see in their full resolution. Thank you so much for sharing these!

  4. My daughter Madison Hill age 9 will remain beside her self in waiting anticipation, for the continuation of the quest of the Quagmire triplets. As she longs for the complete conclusion of their past, present and most unfortunate lives. We would be eternally grateful if we ever were to be graced with the knowledge for which you may portray on this subject in the future.

    P.S. Madison is your #1 fan!