arm wrestling with the folks at this american life

This summer I was contacted by This American Life to make pictures of some of their producers for a new show they will be launching next week called Serial.  I was pretty excited to meet the people behind the voices I had been listening to for years and these guys did not disappoint: they were smart, funny, interesting and interested.  They hated getting their pictures taken but what can you expect from radio people.  One thing I think we were all a little surprised to realize was how similar our jobs are.  Very simply, we want to connect with our subjects - find common ground, gain trust (for me, I prefer to do all of this in good light).  It was nice to be able to talk both jokingly and earnestly about the parallels. 

At one point when things were getting a bit heavy (the content of the new show is pretty dark), Ira Glass entered and somehow conversation shifted to arm wrestling. What seemed like idle chit chat quickly turned very real and in an instant, Sarah Koenig and Ira were crouching over a small table, in position to spar.  Sarah (who swims in the ocean most summer days) took Ira down in a matter of seconds.  I, for some reason, assumed I was stronger than Ira and in a rare moment of switching roles from witness to participant, I jumped into the match - only to lose even more spectacularly than Ira.  What's the takeaway here?  If you ever happen to meet Sarah Koenig, do NOT challenge her to an arm wrestling match.  Anyway, here are some photos....
Ira Glass 

Julie Snyder
Dana Chivvis 
Sarah Koenig

Emily Condon

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